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A marvel of traditional craftsmanship, our Pet Sofas for dogs are the ultimate in canine luxury. Our sofas offer comfort on a large scale and are hand-crafted with fully deep buttoned sides to create the perfect piece to sit in any room in your home. Expertly hand made in France and shipped from our European Warehouses.

Featured collection

The Royal Gatsby - Mauve

€249,00 €189,00

The Royal Gatsby - Blush

€249,00 €189,00

The Royal Gatsby - Peacock Blue

€249,00 €189,00

The Royal Gatsby - Grey

€249,00 €189,00

The Royal Gatsby - Crimson

€249,00 €189,00

The Royal Max

€339,00 €289,00

The Royal Zara

€445,00 €329,00

The Royal Jax

€525,00 €399,00

Royalty friends

A lover of furry family members, Royalty Friends collection include a variety of luxury pet sofas. Give your pet the royal treatment they deserve with a plush sofa that will blend in seamlessly with your luxurious home decor.

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